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Subject: Anachronistic trash truck
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Date: 2019-11-09T15:58:44
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The side of a blue trash
truck, proclaiming “MUNICIPAL WASTE”, “RUBBISH REMOVAL”, and
“RECYCLING SERVICE”.  The truck is also emblazoned with three-arrow
recycling symbols, a waving U.S. flag, and a portrait of a
cheerful-looking Oscar the Grouch emerging from his trash can.

The 48-star flag and Oscar the Grouch are anachronistic. The flag gained its 49th and 50th stars in 1959 when Alaska and Hawai‘i were admitted as states; Oscar the Grouch first appeared on Sesame Street in the summer of 1969.

(Also, the truck says “Quality Service for Over 30 Years”. While it's possible that the truck or its owners were in service before the admission of Alaska, this implication is that it wasn't.)

I conclude that this trash truck was designed by time travellers, who failed to do adequate research.