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Subject: Stuff the kids know and stuff they don't
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Date: 2017-12-12T09:52:57
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Today I found myself explaining to Toph what a Western was. Of course there is no reason she should know. Probably she has never seen one. There could be an episode of Teen Titans Go that is a parody of Westerns, but there is a lot going on in that show that she doesn't pick up on. (For example, there is also an episode about the “Grim and Gritty” comics fad in the 1990s, with art that parodies Rob Liefield, and I had to explain why I found this funny.)

Later that evening she got a package in the mail. We bought tickets for her to go see Demi Lovato next year, and the ticket price includes a CD. I had been looking forward to finding out what she thought of the CD. Would she even know what it was for? I wasn't sure. But no, she not only knew what it was she knew where in the house we had equipment for reading it. (Why did they mail a CD, anyway?)

But if you go one generation of media farther back, she doesn't know what it is about. I was explaining the “broken record” technique to her a few weeks ago and she didn't understand the metaphor. And why should she? It's possible she has never seen a vinyl record. At one point I dug up a 3.5” diskette out of the garage to show Katara, who was curious about the “save” icon:

Some time later we had a similar conversation about the icon for videos:

There is similarly a lot of obsolete telephone jargon. What does it mean to dial the phone? Or to hang up on someone? Yeah, phones used to have dials, and the handset used to hang on a hook when it wasn't being used.

My favorite example is from a few months ago. Katara had asked me about retirement investments. I was explaining about diversification, and said “because you don't want to invest all your money in some company that looks great, but then is suddenly mismanaged into oblivion. Like Yahoo, or Kodak.”

“What's Kodak?”

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