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Subject: Maybe the worst conference talk I've ever been to
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Date: 2018-10-14T16:35:07
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I've been to some crappy conference talks, let me tell you. And usually they're crappy in pretty much the same way: too little substance, delivered too late. (This is what led me to invent lightning talks: if the speaker can't get off their thumb and get to the point, then by God we'll get them off the stage and give it to someone who can.)

Anyway, this talk was crappy in a whole new way. It was about designing accessible web sites. The speaker put up his first slide and here's what I saw:

A bearded person is
standing, not far away, at a lectern in front of projection screens.
Displayed on the screens is the first of his talk slides, with a great
deal of blue text in an illegibly small font.

I raised my hand. “Excuse me,” I said. “I can't read that. Can you please make the font bigger?”

“Um, no, I can't.”

So I got up and walked out.