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Subject: Bitcoin
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Date: 2017-12-01T20:15:53
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A few years ago, a Reddit user liked something I had written and invoked some Reddit tip-bot daemon to tip me for it. At the time the tip was worth approximately 6ยข, and since I was not a regular Bitcoin user, it would hardly have been worth my time to claim the tip, much less to liquidate it.

But yesterday I saw a story that bitcoins were now trading at close to $10,000 each, and I wondered how much my tip would have been worth. I knew it was some small fraction of a bitcoin, but I didn't remember what the fraction was.

I now see that I should have been less cynical and short-sighted. If I had claimed it timely, it would now be worth $1.05.

Scrooge McDuck
diving into a pile of gold coins