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Subject: Grover Cleveland's secret mouth tumor
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In other weird Grover Cleveland news, President Cleveland absconded from his duties for four days in 1893 to have a secret surgical operation on board the presidential yacht to remove a cancerous tumor from the roof of his mouth. The secret wasn't revealed for many years.

The tumor currently resides in the collection of the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia.

A small glass jar with a
sintered glass stopper is
four-fifths full  of a cloudy, colorless liquid.  In the bottom of the
jar is a white mass, partly feathery and partly corrugated. The jar
has the label “1170”.

“CEPI Curiosities: “It is a Bad Looking Tenant” – Grover Cleveland’s Secret Tumor” at the blog of the Center for Education of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. 20 February 2017.