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Subject: Stuff I wanted to say but didn't
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Date: 2018-02-28T13:11:49
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Mark Dominus: I ordered two pairs of headphones. Your package arrived today. Only one pair of headphones was in it. On your web site, you claim I only ordered the one pair. But you still charged my credit card for both pairs.

Denise W.: Ok. May I please know when the amount was charged with this credit card?

Mark Dominus: 02/24/18 Transaction number S6NeTk7zXVoFx29T3.

Denise W.: Upon checking, I didn't locate any related order with all the information you posted. May I please know have you checked with your credit card bank*

Mark Dominus: No, I learned that 17-character alphanumeric transaction ID from my magical friends in the the spirit world.