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Subject: Lesbians on my desktop
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Date: 2017-12-09T13:47:16
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The Linux / KDE file dialog never opens up to the directory I want it to, and often it opens up to ~/Desktop, which I never want it to. I store almost nothing on the desktop, because the useful windows cover it up and anyway I always use the command line for accessing my meticulously-organized hierarchical file structure.

But I do have one file on the desktop, an image file called Lesbians.jpg:

File selection dialog box listing the
contents of /home/mjd/Desktop, which contains only one file, named

This file startles me every time the dialog pops up. “What the hell is that doing there?”

Then I remember what it is, and I smile. Sometimes I stop and take time to look at it:

Two elderly women with white
hair, both smiling.  One is seated in a wheelchair, holding up an
official-looking certificate.  The other has her arms raises in
triumph.  A third woman stands beside them, smiling.

These are Phyllis Siegel (standing with arms raised) and Connie Kopelov (seated), the first two women to be legally married in New York State.