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Subject: Dysphonia
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Date: 2018-01-04T11:29:08
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Many people, including me, seem to be unusually bothered by background sounds. I'm particularly susceptible to repetitive music, and I'm having trouble writing this article because I'm trying so hard not to think of particular earworms that have tormented me for years. I once played Crash Bandicoot in a hotel and had the Crash Bandicoot music stuck in my head for months afterward. I almost always turn off the music in video games. No matter how good it is, it always starts to repeat much too quickly.

Is there a word for this? I thought it was “dysphonia”, but that turns out to mean something completely different: it's when your voice is hoarse.

[ Addendum: Simon Tatham informs me that “misophonia” is what I am looking for, or similar to it. ]