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Subject: The Garden Court Eatery
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Date: 2017-11-24T23:33:29
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Near my house is the “Garden Court Eatery”, a typical neighborhood deli / beer store / convenience market. I have passed by it dozens of times, but I never realized before that its sign is perplexing.

If you were running a neighborhood deli, what three things would you put on your sign? “Beer”, certainly, people always want beer. That would be my first pick too. “Breakfast” also seems like a good choice. It might not be obvious to prospective customers that the store serves hot breakfast, since many similar delis don't.

But buffalo wings? Is that the thing most likely to get people into the store? More than, say, SANDWICHES? LOTTERY TICKETS? Or SNACKS, or COLD CUTS? Okay, you could argue that people will already realize this is a deli and will assume that those things are available, whereas the mention of buffalo wings is genuinely informative. But there are so many other things that would be equally informative. Why is BUFFALO WINGS the most important item?

There must be a story here, if only a small one.

In former times the sign was even more perplexing. Instead of BUFFALO WINGS it emphasized “DUNGEONESS CRAB”.