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Subject: Great Falls
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Lately I have been wondering if there really are falls in Great Falls, Montana, and if so, are they really great? Wikipedia says there are:

The Great Falls of the Missouri River are a series of waterfalls on the upper Missouri River in north-central Montana in the United States.

and that they are:

The Great Falls have been described as "spectacular", one of the "scenic wonders of America", and "a major geographic discovery". When the Lewis and Clark Expedition became the first white men to see the falls in 1805, Meriwether Lewis said they were the grandest sight he had beheld thus far in the journey.

There are five falls. In order, they have vertical drops of 8.05m, 2.01m, 13.56m, 5.79m, and 26.52m. For comparison, Niagara Falls is 51m.

The second of those, Colter Falls, is barely two meters high. While I am 100% willing to agree that there are Great Falls in Montana, I am not so sure about the inclusion of Colter Falls. No recent pictures of it are available because it has been completely underwater since the construction of the Rainbow Dam in 1910.