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Subject: Andy Lee's higgledy-piggledy
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Date: 2018-02-04T10:39:15
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This is about the brilliance (and indulgent magnanimity) of Andy Lee. I don't want to steal M. Lee's spotlight by prepending a long and tedious explanation, so I'm going to put the good part up front. Andy Lee sent me this:

Mark Jason Dominus
Scrambled some spellings and
Thus made me laugh.

Now on a similar
Theme he treats friendships as
Paths on a graph.

Wow, my own poem! OK, you can stop reading here.


  1. This is a verse form called a “higgledy piggledy”.

  2. A while back when I was discussing the anagram “megachiropteran / cinematographer”, Mike Morton (“Mr. Machine Tool”) wrote to point out that he had written a higgledy-piggledy about it. I then mentioned it in one of the several articles about anagrams.

  3. This week Andy Lee pointed out Mike Morton's poem to me on Zulip, and simultaneously wrote to Mike to point out my articles. I found out about the latter when Mike forwarded me Andy's email. I went back to Zulip and said:

    This message is pointing out that Mr. Machine Tool sent me a message about your message about my blog post.

    Now you should send Mr. Machine Tool email mentioning my Zulip message in which I mentioned his message to me that forwarded your message to him about the connection between my blog post and his tweet.

    You could also mention that in my reply to your original Zulip message about Mr. Machine Tool's tweet, I directed you to a blog post of mine that refers to the same tweet.

    Finally, I note that “Mark Jason Dominus” scans correctly as the first line of a Higgledy-Piggledy, and suggest that you should put all your further messages in this form.


    I didn't think Andy would actually do it, but look what I got.

Wow. I don't deserve this.

Thanks, Andy.