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Subject: I am a data analyst
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Date: 2018-10-31T06:01:32
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Last night's post counting up the last initials of people in the U.S. hit a roadblock just before publication. It included this chart:

This chart has a red and a blue
bar for each letter of the alphabet.  The letters are ordered so that
the red bars decrease in size, starting with M S B C H and ending with
Z I Q U X.

But it almost contained this one instead:

A very similar chart, but the
letter “A” has moved from twelfth place up to first and its red bar is
by far the longest.

I realized at the last moment that this chart was wrong. It claims that ‘A’ is far and away the most common initial. This is because the last item in the Census Bureau's data file is 29 million people with ALL OTHER NAMES and I counted it with the A's. I had to redo the data analysis, rebuild the chart, and rewrite part of the article.

Julia Evans says

this is such a perfect description of data analysis