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Subject: Лох-Несского
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Date: 2017-12-01T12:44:08
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Recently this Russian-language page linked to my article about finding a bug in sort(). It says:

Найти баг в функции sort – сродни обнаружению Лох-Несского чудовища.

I don't know Russian, but I do understand the Cyrillic script, and Russian has so many English loanwords that I can sometimes make out part of what it is saying. For example, in the sentence above, “баг”, pronounced “bahg”, means “bug”. (I didn't know this before).

This time I didn't get very far except to guess that “функции sort” (“funktsii sort”) was referring to the sort function.

“Лох-Несского” stood out because it was capitalized, and because the double-с is unusual. I recognized “-кого”, which I think is some sort of genitive-case marker. But I couldn't imagine what the rest of it could be, so I asked Google, and then I felt dumb: “Лох-Несского чудовища” (“Loch-Nesskogo chudovishcha”) is the Loch Ness Monster.