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Subject: Shitposting on Math StackExchange
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Date: 2017-11-16T11:34:56
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A user on Math.Stackexchange asks

How would you prove that !!2^{50} < 3^{33}!! without directly calculating the values

My mathematically impeccable shitpost reply:

The methods given in the other answers are all very complicated. Furthermore, as Did points out in a comment they all depend on facts which are not in principle any less complex than the statement that is to be proved. The following method is quite simple and satisfies the request with no advanced theory whatever and “without calculating the values” as required:

Take a heap of red beans of size !!2^{50}!! and a heap of navy beans of size !!3^{33}!!. Repeatedly remove one bean from each pile until the red pile is exhausted. At that point some navy beans will remain and the claim is proved.

Do I want to suggest that there is a deep and subtle point lurking here? No, I better not push my luck.

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