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Subject: My blog and Planet Haskell
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Date: 2018-01-29T10:55:09
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For some reason that is not quite clear to me, my main blog is syndicated on Planet Haskell. Planet Haskell's stated mission is to carry articles not just about Haskell but about the sorts of things that people in the Haskell community are thinking about. Nevertheless I still feel a little uncomfortable, almost every time I post, knowing that readers of Planet Haskell will now be treated to an summary of English history for the year 1533, a speculation about how to obtain the plutonium from 25,000 pacemakers, or an article on the Hebrew equivalent of “Joe Blow”. I imagine that as post after post goes by, more and more people start to frown and wonder what I am doing there, and maybe they start sharpening their pitchforks and inventorying their tar and feathers.

But then every once in a while — a couple of times a year, perhaps — I post something like yesterday's article about coherence spaces. In my mind, the people with the pitchforks put them down again and say “oh, I remember now, it's that guy.”