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Subject: Reservoids
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Date: 2018-02-18T17:16:12
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Somewhere along the line I mistyped “reservoir” as reservoid, which seems like a fortunate coinage. I'm not sure just what reservoids are, but I imagine some sort of extradimensional storage space. Perhaps in the Harry Potter world it's a trademark for a Bag of Holding? Except no, in that world they have an Undetectable Extension Charm and anyone can cast it, say on a horn filled with seawater.

Google search produces a mix of obvious typos and interesting leads that, on investigation, turn out to be typos. For example, the top hit is about special firewood-storage shelves for next to your fireplace, whose name is actually the totally unimaginative “reservoirs”. A reference to Quentin Tarantino's lost masterpiece Reservoid Dogs is similarly a simple error.

Hit #6 is the Wikipedia article for reservoir sampling, which I took as Google just being a its creepy stalker self.

Hit #8 is from a 1912 Kentucky regulation about slaughterhouse construction.

I also tried searching the database of U.S. trademarks; nobody has trademarked “reservoid”. The term is wide open for anyone who wants to use it.