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Subject: Blog article spam
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Date: 2018-05-05T14:27:56
Newsgroup: talk.mjd.ssc-spam
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Lately I have been getting messages that look like this:

Dear owner of,

I am the owner of [some other site]

I came across your website,, and absolutely loved it! The things are, I write on topics very similar to those covered in your blog, and I already have a few ideas for a guest posts in mind that I'm sure will be interesting for your readers.

I was wondering, do you accept guest posts? If you do so, are there any guidelines for me to check out?

I'll be happy to discuss any guest blogging opportunities with you!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

which would be annoying if they were asking about my actual blog and is ten times as annoying when they are asking about someone else's blog that I have nothing to do with.

How can I fuck with these people most effectively? Should I invite them to submit articles for publication, and then ask for revision after revision until they give up? What are these folks actually trying to accomplish?