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Subject: Marvels of modern technology
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Date: 2018-01-29T11:38:35
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A few weeks ago I posted here about using a bluetooth keyboard to enter text on my phone, and how strangers came up to me to ask about it. I found it remarkable that people found it remarkable, because I didn't think I was doing anything unusual. Bluetooth keyboards exist; the phone has a bluetooth receiver, and this was certainly one of its intended uses. But I suppose I really have very little idea how other people use their phones.

Here's another example of the same phenomenon. At work I use a laptop, hooked up to an external monitor. I keep the external monitor in portrait orientation, 1080 pixels wide by 1920 tall. Many people find this remarkable. They ask me if the monitor is special (“where did you get that weird skinny monitor?”) or if it requires special software. But no, it is a totally stock monitor, turned sideways; most monitors come with a stand that has a rotation joint so that you can turn the screen sideways. I am using Linux to drive the display, but I know Microsoft Windows will let you tell it you want one of the displays rotated. They don't even hide the setting. (In fact I think there's even a hotkey for it, because when Katara was little, she found it by accident and I had trouble finding out how to undo it again.)

I don't know what to conclude from this.