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  • David Davis, associate justice of the Supreme Court from 1862–1877, had been Abraham Lincoln's campaign manager in the 1860 election.

  • He also had a horrendous neckbeard.

    Judge Davis is a very fat white man, with gray hair and narrow
eyes, in his sixties.  He is seated, wearing a dark suit with a
vest, and over that a judge's robe. He has no mustache.  His beard
is white and neatly trimmed to a length of about ¾ inch. It
consists of sideburns down to his jawline, and then runs along his
neck and the underside of his jaw, like an upside-down carpet.  His
chin is bare.

  • Although Chase Manhattan Bank (originally Chase National Bank) was named for former Chief Justice and Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase, he actually had nothing to do with the bank.

  • The first U.S. federal paper currency was issued while Chase was Secretary of the Treasury, and to advance his own political career he arranged to have his own likeness appear on it.