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  • Orson Bean was the father-in-law of Andrew Breitbart.

  • According to this Stack Exchange post:

    In 1969, D. J. Lewis wrote a paper about Diophantine equations, in which he wrote that the equation !!x^3+5=117y^3!! is known to have at most 18 solutions, but the exact number is not known. Two other mathematicians studied the equation and, in 1971, they published a short but difficult proof that there are no solutions. Finally, in 1973, another mathematician published a surprisingly short proof that there are no solutions. The proof is:

    The quantity !!x^3+5!! is never a multiple of 9, but the quantity !!117y^3!! is always a multiple of 9, so there are no solutions

  • Roman Polanski asserted that Bruce Lee's eyeglasses were found at the scene of the Sharon Tate murder.